The Sleeping Watchmen

It must feel so secure to have your head in the sand;
while the tides of war crowd your beaches.
The ships of wrath have arrived to strip your land,
but you were found oblivious to your breaches.

The stubbornness of your unbecoming condition
has deafened the voices of warning.
It has lead to increased travel on the path to perdition,
and decreased those buying oil for morning.

What say you? O’ leader of might;
boasting again from humanly reason.
Will you humbly face your demons this night,
or will you draft injunctions of Godly treason?

This startling answer has already been shown,
in the conscription of your forces.
You have left this vessel sailing the unknown,
through the current of ocean courses.

Now you sit and gaze upon your temple ablaze;
in the darkness of the skies.
Every brick and board intended to amaze;
are now consumed with the mortar of your lies.

Softly you fall into slumber;
while the arena of your struggle fades deep.
You are seduced by the weight of your cumber;
bound to the age of perpetual sleep.  Image

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