Speaking truth in a house of lies

There resting upon the horizon is destiny. Painted in autumn strands of orange across a perfect sky; future awaits. Purpose confides on the peak of a mountain; a place where the whole world can see His Light. The Maker has called me to an altitude that few ever see, because it is found on the path that few will ever to take.  The plateau I now stand is the arena of my tongue’s liberty. God has beckoned me to unravel the tapestry of His Glory with my lips. He has invited me to unfold the mystery of His Love with audacious chatter. Surly the enemy will stir when he hears the crackle of hope in the air and rumble when he feels death around him coming animate.  The steeds of destruction will rush over the hills like thunder, the waves of calamity will smolder the skies like soot, and the footsteps of despair will quake the fault lines in the hearts of men. The fallen one will then bring his documents of accusation against  me. The place of promise will become a courtroom of trial and the tomb of respite will quarter for my own captivity. This is when I will remain silent. The One who formerly loosed my tongue has quenched it once more.  Perhaps my testimony will not come to an end with the free flowing words of the Good News on this earth. It may come to a close at the place of contention; the place of silence. If you would allow me I would surly take up the sword in self-defense and dispute my way to freedom but that is not the road I vowed to walk. I once found you in the light and now I must find you in the darkness. I once found you in words and now I must trust you in silence. You are my defense.  Image

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