God’s Love

The love of God is sometimes misunderstood. This love cannot be captured in a “movie moment” or contained in the broken lyrics of a song. It is real. It is raw. It is messy. God’s love is not pretty by the shallow standards of this world; in fact, it will cause you to show affection to the most detestable things. His love transcends the boundaries of race, culture, and prison walls. It comforts those awaiting death, strengthens those with weary eyes, and stokes the embers of revival in forgotten hearts. To some his love is a waterfall of healing; to others it is the sharp knife of truth. His love is painfully beautiful because it first reveals the depraved dwelling in which we make our beds and then offers an inheritance of his glory if we are so foolish to believe in him.

This love has shown itself so true yet ironic by the immaculately grotesque image of a perfect man hung to a tree in an imperfect world, by imperfect men, for the amnesty of imperfect actions. God has the greatest claim to injustice this world has ever seen but does he spend his time plotting revenge on the hands responsible for the crimes he was punished for? No, he spends this time loving those deserving of death, interceding for those that denounce his name, and equipping those who are willing with an insatiable desire for his name to be made famous in all the earth. This is love.


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