The Precipice

According to Webster’s Dictionary “Precipice” means a very steep side of a mountain or cliff or a point where danger, trouble, or difficulty begins. Is this where you find yourself today; at the point of trial, hardship, or pain? There is a haven that the Lord has created for me in the midst of this place; and has likely created for you, whether or not you are aware of it. It is true! In the most difficult of times God can and will satisfy our deepest inner yearnings. In fact…, it can be said that without the intense pressing of our flesh we cannot feel and know all God would have us know. The Apostles delighted not in the pain they felt through hardship but rather in the comfort of knowing they were sharing it with Christ. I find that when I am in the place of pain or hardship I feel spiritually naked; unafraid to be really honest and raw with God. The times in my life of unadulterated raw emotion with the Lord have been the most fertile ground one can plant on. This place strips me down of all pride, wrong motives, and most importantly my desire to please man. Difficulty, pain, or anguish brings me to this place but it is the clarity that rises within my spirit that makes me stronger afterwards. It’s like a spiritual bath, when we feel soiled by the  sorrow, pain, or frustrations of this world God scrubs the dirt from our eyes and reminds us he is in control. Sometimes God calls us to places of steep terrain or lonely paths not to punish us, but to remind us that he is with us! If our desires are really to “know” Christ and be “known” by Christ than that means we must share in the depths of his sorrow and the height of his joys.

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