Choice and the power it holds!

Have you thought about thanking God for your struggles? I’m not talking about thanking God for when you commit sin but thanking Him because he has given you an opportunity to glorify Him in your choices. It is true that it grieves God’s heart when you sin but it equally lifts His spirit when you take the first feeble steps of redemption and obedience. It sounds  like an odd way to thank God “Thank you Lord for the struggle that keeps me from the where I want to go”, but maybe it is impossible to get “where you want to go” without the tireless pressing of this struggle. Perhaps the wall that you keep banging your head on in frustration will one day be wall that stops the bullet intended for your heart. My meaning is that God intends your current weakness to be your future strength. God was fully aware of the darkness that could befall man by giving him “free will” but he gave it anyway. That is because as sick and perverted as human nature can become without God, that much greater it can become with Him. So as you are near the crossroads of your choice with sin think of it not so much like a burden but as an opportunity to choose God. This choosing period in the midst of sin in a lot of ways prepares us for what God wants to give us, but what if this valley is what brings God the most glory after all? What if we get to heaven and God says “the most glorious moment in your entire life was not when you preached to thousands, healed a lame man, or taught the bible to your kids but when you were in the pit of sin and you choose to ask me for a way out”.



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