Christ is THE way

Some say that Jesus is nothing more than a great historical embellishment and believing in God is quite illogical. It is clear to me that believing in God is the opposite.  Do you think an uneducated peasant man living two thousand years ago could have created the single most influential religious and moral faculty in the history of the human existence with just three years of teaching and twelve disciples? Not unless he was God. Do you think under the oppression of Roman Rulers like Caligula, Nero, and Augustus that a church founded on false pretenses would have stood? These early Christians were subjected to the most barbaric of tortures and would have likely scattered and divided as a people, that is, if what they stood for was all a sham. Was Martin Luther moved by simple “emotion” when he took opposition to the diluted church practices of the time by nailing his “95 Thesis” to the wall of the Church of Wittenberg? Was it a delusion when John Leonard Dober and David Nitschman (Moravians) were willing to sell themselves into slavery in 1732  just to reach the slaves of the West Indies for Christ? Do you think that countless men and women have handed their lives over to beatings, torture, and death for a mere mirage? Is it imagination when the wretched sinner burst into tears and gives his heart to God?  If philosophical reasoning, scientific prowess, or historical fact do not persuade you to believe that Jesus is who he said he was than the testament of the human heart should. No man made construct could prod the heart of humans so deeply as to cause this outcome. No mathematic algorithm, no scientific formula, and no philosophical principal can explain what thrusts one into “Not thy will, but your will be done”.  Be the judge for you, is destiny dead? Are the winds of inspiration, love, and devotion just that; wind? Or are we a small piece in the magnificent canvas of time, which is by Christ, to Christ, and through Christ. My experience says it is the latter.

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