Chasing the Wind

There is candy that will lure your eyes
There are sounds that will tickle your ears
Like honey combed over the wretchedness of its lies
It drips like syrup from the thickness of your fears.

It promises such sweet indulgence to your lips
It swears of such ecstasy to the mind
But as your heart yearns the business of seeking tips
It insures you will seek and never find.

While you are searching in these forbidden streams
There is one who wants your will
Desiring to invade the territory of your dreams
One who empties yet always fills.

He does not promise what he cannot deliver
He never grabs what he cannot acquire
Whether he pours the blessings or gives you a sliver
Eternal is the reward for your toil and your tire.

Fleeting are the seductions of this age
Always enchanting but never quenching
Freedom only comes when we discover this cage
And reveal that we never posses the thing that we are tight to clenching.

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