Whistle in your will

*While you read this please listen to “Whistle in your will” by Jason Upton at this link below

As I watched my little boy crawl around the living room in search of a new “thing” to amuse him I couldn’t help but notice how temporary the satisfaction was when he would find something to play with. Almost as soon as he found a toy or item to play with he had already dropped it for something new. As I was listing to Jason Upton’s “Whistle in your will” it hit me; we were born like that. We are constantly trying to find something that will replace God; that will satisfy. Our hearts so desperately want to know God, even as little babies. Perhaps not with our mouth, but screaming with our actions we cry out “Accept me Father; tell me that I am worth it!”. Ever since Adam and Eve were deceived in the garden we have been born searching. We don’t just start when we get old enough to. How many lives are centered on searching for an opiate to their own personal rejection? How many souls rest upon the inert god of man’s opinion to receive their worth? There was a day when man walked in the cool of the garden with the Lord and lacked nothing. He did not search; he only found. Now we are a world of wanderers. Lord, you call us to the stream of your infinite water. At the end of this civil war of meaning in our life let us see the bright rays of your light illuminating the way which always fills. Let us bask in the sufficiency of your presence. Let us abandon our search for purpose and collapse our efforts into the knowledge of our worth in Christ. Lord, fill us up; so that we may be a fragrant offering. It seems that we are all wounded souls searching for a heart we lost long ago. We are born with this void and only one can fill it. We can search all our lives for the grandest of pleasures and still remain stale on the inside. We were meant for God but should we choose a path divergent of him he will be there at the bottom of our barrel to pick us back up once again.

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