Love Incarnate

If there was anything ever worthy of our tears, it is you oh Love Incarnate. You came down, not in rolling thunder, but in humble silence. Your triumph was not as an earthy king, but a substitute lamb. Many people misinterpret love in its truest sense, for it is not simply a feeling, but a Person. A fiery passionate eternal Person named Jesus, who allowed the filthy trample of men upon His garments, so that those who trampled on Him might come to know Him. Let us not fool ourselves; it was my sin and your sin that held Him to the tree of affliction and only through Him can we be free. The question is never if we are guilty but if we are willing to accept it. In the Garden of Eden when man fell and God approached His creation Adam deflected to blame Eve and Eve deflected to blame the serpent. There is something about us that does not want to take the full blow for our actions, so we deflect blame. “I have done some wrong but it is not my fault” or “I have got problems but this person is worse than me”. God in His divine justice and mercy did not put the blame back upon you and me, who rightly deserved it, but upon Love Himself, Jesus Christ, who is the only one who does not. Is this not cause to rejoice?

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