The Eyes of Eternity


Pressed down by the chains of affliction

Crushed by the weight of addiction

The seductive notion that all is just fiction

If it weren’t for the eyes of eternity


Scorned by the hands of those we love

Pierced by powers long above

Forced to think this world fits us like a glove

If it weren’t for the eyes of eternity


Here we swim in the throes of sorrow

Choking and gagging on the whim of tomorrow

In bits of bliss we beg and borrow

If it weren’t for the eyes of eternity


When the eyes of eternity open in our soul

The things that once were pleasure feel more like control


The mountains keeping captive, the steps of our feet

Feel more like monuments that are waiting for defeat


The ground breaking sorrow that tempts the heart to mope

Will spring forth a valley filled with the abundance of hope


The momentary horror and pain of this time

Compares not to the joy of eternity’s rhyme  


The eyes of eternity show us this light

That in the darkness of sorrow comes close to the night


That we might know our Savior in the midst of our pain

And give up our flesh for eternity’s gain.


jc 1

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