Holiness in the Church

If we give even an inch to the priority of holiness in the church we have lost the whole of its power. Holiness is not something that needs to be reexamined; It needs to be obeyed and defended. The fact that the world disagrees with its methodology is further proof that it is what it is suppose to be.

One comment on “Holiness in the Church

  1. You are right in what you are saying. Too many claim holiness, but God is the one who (sets apart…that is what the world Holiness means…to be set apart. The first time that word is used is in Genesis 1 when God set apart (sanctified the Sabbath). It was a special day to be with His creation and in His creation. A time to meet with our Father. To be set apart takes love, faith and obedience. Many speak of faith, but no obedience and instead of love, there is legalism. I like your short post…to the point.
    Come visit my blog and visit poetry section, and End of Days. Keep walking…love demands to be manifested and there is no testimony without a test. Faith requires us at times to risk our reputation, our culture, our past, our families to know more of our Father, we must seek for Him and that is sometimes challenging when others have a different opinion of what is the practice of holiness. Be diligent in your seeking.

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