In the dreary hours of early morning when worry seems to plague your mind and instead of feeling like a loved child of God you feel more like a tube of toothpaste that should have been changed out two weeks ago, remember that God still desires you. Through the weary thickets of our daily chores and obligations we must remember to not lose sight of God’s process, for we are in the midst of it, and are the objects of its tooling. When you are staring down the barrel of another day, wishing life could be less stagnant, remember how long and patient God was with you before you came to him. When your tendency is to feel depressed remember the joy that Christ clothed himself in when we was naked on the cross.  When your mind can’t escape the stress that the day clouds above your head remember that God is not deaf to your concerns no matter how trivial they are. When you are angry with another person remember that God could have justly chose wrath to enter the world in but for your sake he chose reconciliation. Life is God’s process for eternity. I suggest you live it.

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