Its time to confront your house of cards

From the very beginning the enemy’s chief seduction to the believer has been that we need not choose between our fleshly desire and our conviction from God. He promises both and how easily we fall into his trap. There are many Christians fighting with rubber bullets and toy guns because they fail to see that power rests in consecration. God, who is rich in mercy, will forgive an ignorant child but if that child does not set himself apart from this world he will not see the power of God in his life. The place that God is taking us to requires humility. C.S. Lewis uses a great analogy in his sorrowful account A Grief Observed by saying that his faith, in large part, was a house of cards; magnificent from the outside but able to be destroyed in one swipe of the wrist or one good gust of wind. He says in his published work that, “I thought I trusted the rope until it mattered to me whether it would bear me. Now it matters, and I find I didn’t.” The real question is “is my house a house of cards”? Is my faith hollow? Many times Christians build up their card houses for all to see but what good does it do? Perhaps we have had it wrong all along; perhaps the people looking at a mess of cards on the floor that we all sneer at for not having it all together are closer to real faith than we.

I once heard a radio talk show host say that that the members of congress were more concerned with their position in government than they were with doing what is best for our country. Is that the way we have become as Christians? That a position as a Christian has become more important to us that actually being one? That notion is inherently selfish and ironically just like a house of cards. It displays something that is not there. It looks like a structure but that it is not. We often cry out to God in pain when things don’t go our way but for many of us this is the only thing that will show us what our eyes refuse to see; that we never had faith in the first place. This poser Christianity is best seen in our attempts to hide our weakness. James 5:16 says “Confess to one another your faults.” but I have found that I desire to disguise my weaknesses around other Christians like I’m in a never ending job interview. Revival starts for those that see where their faith is like a house of cards and lead the charge in knocking it over. The world aspires to look as if it is blameless even when it is really filthy. The church must look to be blameless even if it means looking as though it is filthy. Perception is NOT reality, perception is just perception.

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