Pursuing Us

God’s presence never stops pursuing us; even in disobedience Scripture shows us that He leaves the ninety nine and goes after the one. Oftentimes, admittedly, it doesn’t feel like we are being pursued. It feels quite like the opposite, we become numb. Then again, the “lost” sheep probably doesn’t know he is lost until he gets deep into the wilderness where the terrain is unfamiliar and dangerous. When we move away from God in disobedience we look at this distance like we do any other definable measurement; as if God is as content with departing from us as we are from Him. But God never leaves us in the most natural sense. He is right there pursuing our heart like He has always done.

Why then do we feel so far away? I think it is because we create this distance. Think of it as if when we are in communion with God when we are naked before him but when we act in the method and intention of disobedience we begin clothing ourself. This should sound familiar (i.e Adam and Eve). Some of us have just a few layers of this clothing on and therefore can still feel God faintly trying to get the attention of our heart. Others have so many layers on that despite His best efforts He cannot be felt. Then, in the grave yard of deception, we begin to believe it is He who has abandoned us, when, it is we who have abandoned Him. C.S. Lewis once wrote, “To some, God is discoverable everywhere; to others, nowhere. Those who do not find Him on earth are unlikely to find Him in space. But send a saint up in a spaceship and he’ll find God in space as he found God on earth.”

The point is that God is only hard to find for the hard of heart. He is only distant to the distant. God does not punish His children by running away from them, that is something we do all on our own. 

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