What we deserve

A feeling that as a human I “deserve” anything is quite incongruent to me. We do all kinds of self indulging things, even sinful things, because we feel like we deserve them. A feeling that we have worked hard enough for a break. The oddity is that if we really got what we deserved we would all be in hell. I fear that when the time comes many ignorant souls will say to The Lord “Give me what I deserve”. Thank God that he has not given us what we deserve!My point is that the feeling of entitlement or deserving is not from God. How do we know this? Well, primarily because Jesus had every reason to feel he deserved better than he got but choose humility instead. We have an inheritance from God, yes. But this inheritance is not wealth, good health, and comfort. Our inheritance is to be molded into the image of God; something all of creation groans for!

Lord, give those grace that desire Your will. Help us to see that we are owed nothing and in debt to everything. Give us gladness and a thankful heart that You have freed us from our inquiries and are making us new. Amen!

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