His glory is our joy

There are generally two responses God has when His children come under hardship. There is the response of deliverance (Psalm 34:4, Psalm 34:17, 2 Peter 2:9, and others) and then there is the response of His grace (2 Corinthians 12:8-9, Matthew 26:36-46). He will ether send His hand to remove the proverbial whip and thus bring Himself glory or he will send His grace so that by endurance it produces His glory in us. Either way it is about His glory. 
Before you go on saying that “Well, God is a loving God and would never allow us pain for His glory” remember this, our eternal satisfaction comes from glorifying God. Joy and the glory of God run parallel for he believer, not in opposition. Living a life glorifying God “may” result in hardship however it is always overshadowed by our eternal satisfaction of His glory and presence. The early church Christians were in constant danger but instead of complaining about it they wore their troubles like a crown of glory for God, even rejoicing at times when they were beaten and mistreated. It doesn’t mean we search to be in hardship. It means we search, whether hardship is imminent or not, to glorify God.

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