Presenting the Truth

Not presenting the whole truth is just as damning as not presenting the truth at all. 

There is a tendency, a sinful one, embedded in our nature that desires to withhold the “tough” parts of truth out of fear. Many times we don’t want to scare some people that are young Christians or potential believers. This anxiety is the way of the flesh. It curiously and feveriously wonders how people will react to the truth that the culture deems hard to swallow. It is completely void of faith. For example, we may tell the unchurched that we all get to share in the affections of Christ and all the while neglecting that it is also a blessing to share in His afflictions. 

We must not be tied up in this. Our job is not to gauge the crowd and mold the Gospel into a palpable watered down version of itself. To do so would mean we are putting blood on our hands. In Acts 20:26-27, Paul says that “Therefore, I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of any of you. For I have not hesitated to proclaim to you the whole will of God.”. He did this upon leaving Ephesus. 

Does this then mean we beat people over the head with doctrine to make them feel bad? No! Does it mean we can’t emphasis certain parts of the Bible or attributes of God to prove a point? No again! The point to refrain from giving into our desire to be ashamed of the fullness of God. I mean, isn’t it such a loving thing to speak the entirety of this compassionate, adventurious, triumphiant Gospel we so adore? Not to add that it may save them from eternal separation from God! We don’t need to add or take away anything from it. We have to trust the Holy Spirit. He will bring context and understanding to the believer on hard issues. We are ill equipped for such tasks. 


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