Nursery Church

It is not that the Western Church has lost its salvation but that it has lost its compatibility with God. We simply don’t know Him and many of us don’t want to. We are content with being identified by our carnality instead of by our likeness to Christ. To borrow Paul’s metaphor in 1 Corinthians 3 we have become a congregation of infants; unable to eat solid food. We come in on Sunday morning to be spoon fed by the man of God but then recede back to our comfortable lives and do literally nothing for the kingdom and it’s sake. This cannot be so, church! How can it be that this Gospel, which has caused countless men and women to willingly give up their lives, can no longer motivate men to get off the couch?

We actually deceive ourselves into believing that we are more spiritual than we are by all the magnificent resources we have; as if a seminary degree, a stadium, and a smoke machine could impress God. No, for the Western Church to have revival we must learn from two men found in Mark Chapter 10, just 29 verses apart.

The first is the rich young man who thought so highly of himself and his possessions that he became fated to them. He was unwilling to forsake his status, fine clothing, and luxurious lifestyle for the kingdom of God. The latter is blind Bartimaeus, who had nothing. The only thing he gave up was what little dignity he had left by shouting “Son of David have mercy on me!” against many people telling him to be quiet. He did not ask for what the rich man had or any figment of status or power but wanted to see. Bartimaeus was not special but blessed because even though he was but a blind beggar he understood the value of the kingdom of God and rightly understood his position in relation to it. The rich young man did not.

The Western Church needs to cry out like Bartimaeus. We must admit that we are poor despite our wealth, that we are blind despite all our seeing, and most importantly admit that He is Lord of all. Then in humility we must thrust ourselves through the crowd and shout “Lord, I want to see!”.

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