Dying to the Tides

I see myself on the shore of a great ocean with my feet barely touching the water as it rolls in and crashes on them. I get that mesmerizing feeling that people often get when looking out upon the ocean on a near perfect day. Almost wishing I had the courage to sail out on it and trust the winds to take me where I need to go. That hopefulness that maybe there is such a thing as destiny; That maybe there is such a thing as divine providence. The water makes me afraid but I can’t shake this painful ache in my heart to leave the comfort of the shore and give myself to the current and its will.

In the distance, I hear the bittersweet sound of the funeral dirge. It then dawns on me that to go to the depths of God’s ocean I must die. Suddenly, I am in my grave clothes and attending my own funeral. What great frenzy there is in my flesh. All my worldly comforts have come to meet me at my burial site. They scream, “Please come back to us!” and pull at my garments to keep me on the shore. My only words are…

A willing sacrifice is all that I can give Thee.

For this is what my Savior has willingly given to me.

He bids that I sail and wills that I go.

He promises not safety but His name I shall know.

Surely, I can stay on this shore and depart from inside.

But I will trust in my Lord at the rage of this tide.

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