To be Known

Let us believers never settle for being known by the world at the expense of being unknown to God. We don’t have to be known by the world but being known by God is the forever must! This is the standard of scripture, to know and to be known, not by the world but by its maker. We must rest in God and let Him be enough even if this means obscurity on earth. Heaven is filled with countless beings which gaze and are rarely gazed upon. Splendid indeed yet in comparison to The Uncreated One, they are nothing. As painful as it is to that old pitiful self we must come to the place where we lift our hands in surrender to Jesus and accept whatever life He has for us, whether that life is on a stage or in a closet. Lord, break that self-exalting spirit within me. In a self-idolizing culture help me to understand and implement a God-exalting lifestyle. May I be wary of self and all his prideful undertones. May I be quick to think of myself as I ought and put others before me. Let my worth and rest come from the secret seeking of your face, not from the words and affirmation of men. May I be a man of one desire.


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