Getting Real

Is anything in me off limits to Him? Is my television, my house, my education, or my family off limits to God? Meaning, if God asked could He manipulate them anyway He saw fit? This is a question of sincerity; sincerity which has been welling up in me for some time but perhaps hasn’t obtained unbroken communion with and the complete peace of my Savior. But I’m getting there…

 A wonderful place to be but equally lonely because, unfortunately, for many this is rare. We have not become honest with God and as a result have deceived ourselves. Though we are deeply loved we are frequently cold and rarely used. He can and certainly has loved and shown mercy to the disobedient but their stubborn self-deception sees them safely to their discontentment every night. The very thing that would free them is the last thing their calloused hearts desire to do. As Christians, first and foremost, we have to be honest with where we are not living up to the fiery standard of Scripture. God does not despise His children for their sin and distraction, He wants it gone for greater intimacy. It grieves Him. He is in love and all alone to much of His church. Imagine a people who abandon the way of Adam and Eve (who upon sinning hid themselves) and follow the example of Scripture which says that healing comes from transparency and confession of sin. This is, undoubtably, messy but so was the Cross and it is the place that every faithful believer must venture if he is to find redemption.
Let us not be afraid of the messy places of soul, oh Lord. May you call your people to back to a truth stricken pursuit of righteousness. That we be convicted of heart and mind. That we bring our brokenness, our addiction, our distraction, and our weakness to the throne of grace once more. 

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