A look in Caiaphas’ house

I was reading recently in Matthew 26 where Peter followed Jesus to Caiaphas’ house. It struck me how utterly shamed Peter was. This man reverted back to his humanly devices in the face of danger. He spent three years with Jesus and by all accounts sincerely believed that he was ready to follow Jesus wherever he went. That is until it looked grim. I can imagine Peter seeing Jesus healing the masses or stifling Pharisees in the temple courts and feeling quite confident in following such a man. I mean, it is easy to be attracted to a man with such great authority. But now, sitting in the house before the Jewish leaders there didn’t seem to be a man with authority anymore. There was a man who was bloodied and by all the world standards, overcome. I think, all of the sudden doubt crept back in for Peter. It was easy for him to say “You are Christ, son of the living God” when Jesus was fair–faced and free of chains but now there he was with swollen eyes and being mocked before everyone Peter was raised to respect. 
Are we willing to give our allegiance to God even when our culture bloodies him and makes His Name a mockery? And perhaps more importantly are we willing to follow him in being ridiculed, slapped, spit on, and hung on a cross? 
Lord, I ask that we would be found strong and confident in Your Name, regardless of where the world takes it. Whether it ascends the mountain of glory or is met with the bitter pierce of Golgotha may we be secure, in the end, where your glory dwells.

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