Relationship of Fire

Let us compare our relationship with Christ to a fire. Most of the time it begins in a great flash–unexpected, like lightening from heaven. We did not start this fire but here it is, forever scorching our land. Though this fire began in a great blaze the test of the world, which is hydrated in the moisture of sin, is to continually marginalize or, if possible, put this fire out.

 It is our job, henceforth, to make conditions ideal for this fire to burn and of course not only burn but also spread. This means hard work. One cannot just grab a bottle of kerosene and a box of matches and hope to accomplish God’s intent. No, this fire was meant to endure. Though flammable liquid is useful, like emotion is to the Christian, it cannot sustain a burning desire for very long. It burns big, bright, and magnificent–then fizzles out. 

We will find that to sustain a relationship with Jesus we need dry wood, and not just any dry wood. We need wood that is good for burning and that has been cut perfectly to fit on our fire. This is the process of devotion and prayer. It is nothing more than the search for good–dry wood in a sin drenched world. The process then becomes carefully preparing this wood for the fire of relationship. Without devotion our fire is destined to dwindle but with it our fire can burn even beneath the ocean’s deepest waters. 

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