To Know or to Trust?

Is it a blessing to be in the dark; To be lacking knowledge, to be lacking information? Our world would say, “we want to know”! But what is the point of knowing if you have no ability to understand and even less to change what you have been shown? I think of my two year old daughter, so young. She can’t understand tragedy or loss or grief. It is shielded from her for a time because she has not the capacity to understand nor the ability to do anything about it even if she did. We often get frustrated with God because we want to know but what good does information do if we cannot rightly steward this information? Imagine if a poor child, who needed money to live, got a hold of a $100 bill. That, in the mind of many, would be a good thing. But let’s say the child didn’t realize what they had gotten and thinking it was just another scrap of paper threw it away. Is this not just as lamentable as the child being in need to begin with? This is why maturity is so important in the body. We need to understand the value before getting a prize or we will be like the one year old opening his Christmas present; playing with the wrapping paper and disregarding the gift. Father, let us lift our hands in surrender to the thought of having to know what is ahead. For we know if You have not revealed it then we are not able to wield it, yet. 

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