The Christian life is a series of narrow corridors. The body can fit through rather easily so long as it is following Jesus. What we seem to have trouble with is not so much the process of following but leaving behind the things that won’t fit through the narrow passages. We strain and we struggle but we can’t seem to fit our luggage where Jesus bids us to go. This struggle fools the believer into thinking he has sincerely tried hard to please God but, despite the fact that he is sweating and exhausted, the only thing that he has tried hard to do is to force his baggage into an area that doesn’t allow for it. 

5 comments on “Baggage

  1. Too often we try this and subsequently give up on following God altogether, but if we embrace the Spirit whose presence gives freedom, stripping away the bondage that comes with living life, we could walk along the way without chains and enter by the narrow gate. The image you used illustrates this very well.

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