Christians today are probably more concerned with semantics than they are actual doctrine. Some Christians prefer words that show God as the loving father, some prefer the righteous warrior king, and still others prefer the convicting messianic preacher. Some like to think we are God’s servants, some his soldiers, and still others prefer being called his children. Some draw close to God by seeing how small they are in comparison to him. Some by reveling in the goodness that he has shown to them. Some by leaving their past behind and some by looking back to see how far God has taken them. Some like to think on the justice of God and others like to rest on his mercy. Does that make one wrong and other right? No! The attributes of God, if they are indeed his attributes, are not antithetical. He is wrathful and angry toward sin yet gentle and merciful toward the repentant sinner. The height of his mercy is defined and given meaning by the depth of his wrath. How could the mercy of God be anything of note if he had no reason to be angry? The point I’m trying to make is that in our attempt to “set the record straight” about God’s character we may be digging trenches and battles lines with fellow believers without even knowing it. I am not saying semantics mean nothing, there IS a right way to view God but in our generalization of him we are exalting aspects of his character as “exclusive” when they were not meant to be.

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