The temptation to hate is so strong. We can see it everyday as we look to the news or in those all to frequent head shaking stories. It binds with thick cables and reinforces with iron bars. It comes as subtle as a whisper and as flagrant as death itself. But grace! Oh grace, we pant for your sweet light yet are unwilling to show you to others. We are so unforgiving and our rotten positions have calcified into fortresses of our own resentment. Forgive us, Lord and show us how to forgive others. For we know that if we do not forgive then we will not be forgiven. The truth is that if the blood of Jesus isn’t strong enough to wash the embodiment of my hatred then it isn’t strong enough to wash me. It is either a detergent for all sin or for none. Every time we condemn others to the category of the “unforgivable”, even when it feels delicious to do so, we may actually be condemning ourselves. 

3 comments on “Forgiven

  1. This is truth at its finest! We go to God over and over and OVER for forgiveness but then we don’t want to forgive our neighbors tht sin against us. I think this goes unnoticed sometimes because ppl don’t ever examine or point the finger at themselves, which is very dangerous because if you don’t you will never see where you are wrong yourself! This is an awesome and straight to the point post! God bless ūüôā

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