About Me

My name is Nick. I’m nearing 30 and I am married with two small children. I currently work in the industrial supply industry but previously worked for four years as a police officer. On a more personal level I love my Lord Jesus Christ and strive to be conformed into His image and live according to His word daily. I created this blog because many times I feel God’s inspiration so built up within me I just have to get it out. It is as if the Holy Spirit directs me to write so to purge something from my soul. I feel that God is calling Christians back to a wholehearted pursuit of Him and this can be especially exciting and especially difficult in a place like America. I named my blog firstworldrevival.com because I feel as though I’m primarily called to bring growth and revival to the church in America. Please be encouraged and edified!

9 comments on “About Me

  1. Nick, loved reading your blog! It is so good to know that you and yours are devoted to following God daily. Our families need to have God in their lives, so will you pray with me that God will become first and foremost in all of their lives? Love keeping up with you and yours! Pam C.

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